All riders wishing to be considered for youth team selection 2018 must register an interest by 31st March 2018. Please send this to performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk

Age Categories: 
Ponies - up to the age of 16yrs riding ponies

VIEWINGS are held to enable the Selectors to see pony / rider combinations competing at different types of venues both at home and abroad with different jumps and conditions i.e. bold / careful fences, grass / all weather surfaces.

TROT UP: This is held so the appointed Veterinary Surgeon can view the ponies prior to the Championships and advice can be given if necessary.

BLOOD TEST: Blood Tests are taken at Random at the Pony European Championships.

DOPE TESTING: Urine Dope Testing can be taken at Random by Stipendiary Stewards of the Association.

PONY MEASUREMENT: In line with the FEI Ruling from the 1st January 2007, ponies do not require FEI Height Certificates but must not exceed 151cm with shoes at competition fitness.

As Viewing Trials are National classes, ponies will be eligible to compete providing they have a current vaild JMB Height Certificate. As is the norm all prospective European Ponies will be un-officially measured by the British Vet at these trials.

This year (2018) all ponies will be FEI measured at the European Championships.

* TACK: For selectors to assess form and consistency, you must be using the correct tack, as listed in the FEI Pony Rule Book, at the above mentioned shows and any other major championships, if you wish to be considered for selection for the Pony European Championships.

SELECTION: Pony / rider combinations need to be jumping clear rounds and going consistently well in all major classes.

QUERIES: Anyone wishing to enquire further or discuss anything relating to the viewing trials can contact the Chairman of the Performance Development Committee Mrs Clare Whitaker, via British Showjumping's International Office on 02476 698829 or e-mail: performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk

Please note that the FEI DO MEASURE at Nations Cup events as well as the European Championships. 

The FEI rules on biting have changed pleasego to  www.fei.org  Rules for Jumping Events 23rd Edition (updated January 2010), Chapter VI Appendix A

For further information on the selection policy for each category, the dates of the viewing trials and the key team events please click here