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Monday, January 22, 2018


Showjumping is a sport that reaches millions of people whether it be through television and the media, County Shows and the participation, either directly or indirectly, of a wide range of individuals competing on horses of varying ability.  Enjoyed by not only the horse enthusiast but also those who have never been on or near a horse in their lives.

Whether it's brand, business or employee focused sponsorship that you need, British Showjumping will custom design and manage a package to meet both your marketing and budget needs.  The scope of the commercial opportunity is for everyone, from international to local and from elite to grass roots.

Showjumping in Britain boasts an iconic past and under the progressive guidance of the UK governing body, British Showjumping, the sport is reaching great heights.  With it's substantial, committed and affluent audience British Show Jumping is a perfect partner for brands and business looking to target a specific audience.   Offering complete flexibiity and choice in terms of geographic scope, sponsorship type and budget range you can select from either alignment with our Business Partnership or perhaps title level sponsorship of our events that span the length and breadth of the country.  Alternatively, sponsorship of our British Teams may also be a consideration giving maximum global exposure.

The Business Partnership 
The British Showjumping Business Partnership has been created with a view to bringing companies and individuals togther allowing them to network through the sport and with each other.   Providing it's partners through a number of special events and hospitality facilities an environment to create new business relationships in addition to accessing our members and supporters.  
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Title Level Sponsorship
Whether it be the title sponsorship of one of our British Showjumping Teams, a National Series or a local league of events British Showjumping can offer a tailored package to meet your objectives.

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