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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

International Stairway Series

League Points Allocation

A points system will be awarded based on the following system. Points will be awarded to horse/rider combinations placed 8th = or higher on the following scale;
1st  (12 points),  2nd (9 points), 3rd (8 points), 4th (7 points), 5th (6 points), 6th (5 points), 7th (4 points), 8th (3 points)

Horse/rider combinations placed equal will share equally the total points attributable to the combined placings (for example, four riders placed 4th equal receive 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 divided by 4 = 5.5 points each).

In the event of equality of League Points at the end of the series, the highest placed competitor on equal points in the International Stairway League Final (British Showjumping National Championships, National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre) will be the winner of the League.  The winner of the International Stairway League must be a starter in the International Stairway League Final.  In addition the winner of the International Stairway League Final will be crowned the British Showjumping National Champion for a twelve month period.

There will be 3 HOYS Wildcards allocated after the International Stairway League Final. The allocation of Wild Cards (N.B Wild Cards will only be awarded to riders currently eligible to compete on a Great Britain Showjumping Team) will be made in the following order of preference -:

 1. To the winner of the International Stairway League (must have started in the Stairway League Final)
 2. To the winner of the International Stairway League Final
 3. To the winner of the National Championship  Show League

 Should the winner of any of the above not be eligible to compete on a Great Britain Showjumping Team or have already qualified for HOYS via an International invitation, the Wildcard will go down the line to the next eligible rider on the respective league, or placing if in the International Stairway League Final.

Horse/Rider Total Royal Berkshire Devon County Suffolk County South of England Royal Highland Royal Norfolk Great Yorkshire New Forest & Hants FINAL 2017
National Championships
Royal Berkshire
(to count for 2018 season)
    17-18 Sep 2016 18-20 May 31 May - 1 Jun 9-10 Jun 22-25 Jun 28-29 Jun 11-13 Jul 25-27 Jul 8-13 Aug 16-17 Sep
Robert Bevis/Courtney 6 12 12                  
Robert Bevis/Pebbles 9 9                  
Philip Miller/Caritiar Z 8 8                  
Helen Tredwell/Larksong 7 7                  
Tim Stockdale/Erasmus vd Heffinck 6 6                  
Tracy Priest/Millfield Ultymate 5 5                  
Timothy Davies/Havanna de Cavron 4 4                  
Alfie Bradstock/KBIS Caicos 3 3                  
Nigel Coupe/Jubilee II                      
Kerry Brennan/Wellington M                      
Tracy Priest/Caristo VDL                      
Emma Slater/Art d'Usance                      
Joe Clayton/Con Man JX                      
Timothy Davies/Valentijn O                      
Robert Bevis/Chablis ET                      
Nigel Coupe/Golvers Hill                      
Dale Burnham/Romanella Gold                      
Millie Allen/Balou Star                      
Tim Stockdale/Fleur de l'Aube                      
Robert Smith/Cimano E                      
Pippa Allen/Hope Springs                      
Jessie Drea/Mullaghdrin Touch The Stars                      
Chelsea Skelton/Millfield Baloney                      
Sammie Coffin/Willem de Lux                      
Keith Shore/Mystic hurricane                      
Emma O'Dwyer/HHS Figero                      
Philip Miller/Unbelieveable Lady                      
Robert Magire/Anastasia Van De Helle                      
Chelsea Skelton/Caramba                      
Robert Smith/Ilton Vd Spithoeve                      
Nicole Pavitt/Hussah TM                      
Tracey Newman/Challenge                      
Benjamin Bick/Zipiro                      
Sammie Coffin/Bellamy II                      
Holly Gillott/Lammy Beech                      
Helen Tredwell/Sebastian VII                      
Chloe Winchester/Avoca Valkyrie                      
Harriet Nuttall/A Touch Imperious                      
Timothy Page/Duc d'Arsouilles                      
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