Horseware Bronze Horse/Rider Combination League

The following is only relevant to those Members who wish to contest the Bronze League Championships.

There are eight Regional Bronze Horse/Rider Combination Leagues and the league that you will accrue points in is determined by your postcode. If you are unsure of the region you reside in, please log in to your account via Membership Online where it will be displayed within ‘Member Details’.

Information on the how Bronze League Points are allocated for classes run between 85cm – 1.10m and on the Bronze League Championships can be found within your National Member Handbook which can also be found online here.  

Click here for a class guide to the Bronze League and for a guide on how to qualify for the Bronze League Championships.

Please remember that you can jump across all league classes, but DO need to only jump within classes eligible for Bronze  League Points if you wish to aim for the Bronze League Championships.

The league periods are as follows:
- 1st April - 30th September
- 1st October - 31st March

NB.Those combinations listed in bold below are ineligible for qualification to the Bronze League Semi-Finals and Championship