Northern Show Notices


Area 15 (North & East Yorkshire)

INFORMATION: JM EQUESTRIAN SENIOR RESULTS 5/8/18 at REC Arenas Another fantastic turn out at this popular centre for our senior BS. Thank you to our judges Michelle & Alan, Ian Brown C/B, Steward Donna and arena party Imogen & Lydia but mostly to our competitors & horses who support us. Next Senior Show is Cat 2 on Wednesday August 15th. RESULTS KBIS NOVICE 1. Braquage Nim Spalding 2. Donk Emma Horner Harker 3. Keltic High Flyer Paige Waring 4. Handels Harmony Chantelle Duggan 5. Cloney Temple Angela Morran 6. Miss Southburn Shakera Anneli Larson 7. Goldthorn Bluebell Courtney Thompson 90cm OPEN 1. Golvers Lux Jon Ball 2. Dwyfach Mabon Courtney Thompson 3. Darco L Ellis Jones NUPAFEED DISCOVERY 1. Braquage Nim Spalding 2. Emeral Twist Jon Fletcher 3. Little Miss Skippy Joanne Smith 4. On n Over Carolyn Newman 5. Head for Heights Gabriel Hodgeson 6. Garveys Girl Rebecca Wolfenden 1.05m OPEN 1. Brandonview Oscar Polly Douglas 2. Taxing Times Anita Leadbetter 3. Lady Lasino Lauren Sissons 4. Chellie Emma Denton 5. Ashdale Encore Lucy Wilson 6. Whidor Amy Jimmison 7. Hawthorn Hiccups Joanne Earle CONNOLLYS RED MILLS NEWCOMERS 1. Handels Smart Time Chantelle Duggan 2. Nintender Boy Charlie Dawson 3. Hawthorn Hiccups Joanne Earle 4. Empress 1 Abi Hall 5. Strides Maureen Sarah Mousley 6. Mr Selfridge Sarah Mousley 1.10m OPEN 1. Vincelot Polly Douglas 2. Wellview Lux Striker Alice Meakin FOXHUNTER/1.20M OPEN 1. Wellview Lux Striker Alice Meakin 2. Gait L Sarah Mousley 3. Vladmir D 09 Morgan Tiger Henderson 4. Craic In Time Joanne Earle 5. Heather M Amy Ryan NATIONAL 1.30M OPEN 1. Achillus S Ria Ginley 2. Millfield Ester Amy Ryan
INFORMATION: JM EQUESTRIAN AT REC ARENAS BS PONIES January 27th 2018 Super competitive Junior jumping as always at REC Arenas. Well done to all our winners, qualifiers & competitors for making it such a fab show. Next Junior show at REC Arenas is Tuesday February 13th with a full compliment of classes and qualifiers. Janice x 07906468450 CATS & PIPES 1. Painted Lady Sarah Proudley 1. Elivis Prezzie Harriet Hodge 1. Gurnos Welsh Melanie Grace Campbell 1. Doulton Beyonce Grace Earnshow 1. Bubbas Delight Abigail Wicks 1. Real Cool DUDE Sarah Proudley 1. Little Turbo Madeline Smith STAR SPO Champions Day Qualifier 1. Real Cool DUDE Sarah Proudley 2. Camizion Sophie Wicks 3. Little Turbo Madeline Smith 4. Gurnos Welsh Melanie Grace Campbell Other qualifiers Lilly Aspell & Clooncraha Lady Castlepark Giant & Chloe Johnson Talula Blu Sparticus Leap & Zoe Shields Seehaun Sweetie & Ollie Stanley GRAHAM HEATH EQUESTRIAN 1. Sweet Baby James Sophie Wicks 2. Milord Fair Kommander Chloe Johnson PONY NOVICE/80CM 1. Just Blue 111 Ellie Mcneil 2. Kiera Jessie Page Evans 3. Golden Gysey Isabella Auchterlonie 4. Netherfarm Cherry Millie Swain 1. Little Turbo Madenline Smith 2. Nice as Pie Abi Leadbetter 3. Clooncraha Lady Lilly Aspell ESKADRON PONY WINTER DISCOVERY Q 1. Casina IV Beth Miles 2. Shannon Moonlight Gabriella D Ambrosio 3. Bella Vaentina Flo Bennett 4. Portmore Stroller Jasmine Guy 5. Northside Rio Isabella Auchterlonie 6. Lucky Lane Rocket Elyse Peacock 7. Netherfarm Cherry Millie Swain 8. Boyle Buty Boy Amelia Brannan Vaccaro PONY NEWCOMERS /1M 1. Squeaky Katherine Tasker 2. Lucky Lane Rocket Elyse Peacock 3. Lara B Hannah Barker 4. Kingsley 11 Daisy Williams DIRECT INSURANCE GROUP PLC BRIGHT STAR 1. Ballsheil Mr Monaghan George Atkinson 2. Ilar Max Jake Gibson 3. Manninard Seabird Olivia Davison 4. Sean 11 Abi Leadbetter 5. Casina 1V Beth Miles 6. Jula Golden Jubilee Summer Tones 7. Milford Heather Blue Connie Lane PONY FOXHUNTER/1.10M 1. Ballsheil Mr Monaghan George Atkinson 2. Manninard Seabird Olivia Davison 3. Kanthes Wizkid Ralfie Timmins ********************************************************************************** Another super turnout and more competitive classes at our Senior BS Show January 28th 2018. Well done to all our winners and qualifiers. The show ended with joint winners in the 1.30m open with Annabel Shields and Alex Moorhouse sharing the limelight. Next BS Senior show Wednesday January 31st 2018. Janice 07906468450 xx HORSEQUEST UK NOVICE Q 1. Micklow Primitive Lightyear Ellie Gair 2. Dwyfach Mabon Courtney Thompson 3. Ballinamonapark Houdini Billy Davison 4. Tatiana 11 Laura Whitfield 5. WS Crystal Light Mandy Gray 6. Capall Cadas Rebecca Cotton 7. Linton De La CHAPELLE Chantelle Duggan 8. Charlestown Highflyer Rebecca Hill 95CM OPEN Q 1. Krystal Clover Raychal Mason 2. JJS Impressive Natashia Hewitt 3. Revanche Landzicht Amy Lawrence 4. Charlestown Highlyer Rebecca HILL 5. Mayfield Rocky Mark Ayre 6. Dadiva Natashia Hewitt 7. Lux Jazzy Holly Johnstone 8. Penny Farthing Alison Brown 9. Creme Brulee 111 Lesley Marshall 10. Keltic High Flyer Paige Waring 1m Novice 1. Clyde 1V Claire Chapman 2. Little Doll Laura Hudson 3. First Woman HK Sarah Borthwick 4. Exelby Cloverbelle Caroline Clayton 5. Cat Balou 11 Rebecca Johnson 6. Heterna Kelly Lazenby 1.05m OPEN 1. Taxing Times Anita Leadbetter 2. Brandon View Oscar Polly Douglas 3. Knockens Belter Clarrisa Kevane 4. Utaura 111 Nicki Pow 5. Vincelot Polly Douglas CONNOLLYS RED MILLS NEWCOMERS 1. BERT Katie Walton 2. Heather M Amy Ryan 3. OBOS Impressive Tanya Buckingham 4. Hendrije M Christina Foley 1.10m OPEN 1. Taxing Times Anita Leadbetter 2. Westpoint Ferdinand Katie Benbow 3. Caltra Minster Amy Ryan 4. Vincelot Polly Douglas EQUITOP MYOPLAST FOXHUNTER/1.20M 1. Quality Star Rebecca Seidl 2. BERT Katie Walton 3. Millfield Ester Amy Ryan 4. Caruno 11 Christina Foley National 1.30m 1. Annabel Shields Gerona 1. Alex Moorhouse Hamilton H 3. Annabel Shields Rubin VHS