Scottish Branch Championships

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Championship Venue Date
North West Tillyoch 18th - 19th May
North East The Cabin 20th - 21st April
South West Muirmill 13/14th July
South East SNEC 30th - 31st March
Open Morris 11th May
JC Outdoor The Cabin 20th - 21st April
128cms Outdoor Muirmill 6th - 7th April
138cms Outdoor Muirmill 6th - 7th April
Central Blue Ridge 15/16th June
Scurry SHOYS 29th September
JA Indoor Branch 9/10th Nov
128cms Indoor Branch 9/10th Nov
138cms Indoor Branch 9/10th Nov
JC Indoor Branch 9/10th Nov
11 & Under Branch 9/10th Nov
Championship Venue Date
Outdoor Open Ayr May 11th
South East Lanarkshire 26th - 27th April
North East The Cabin 6th July
South West Muirmill 25-27th May
Central Fife 18th May
North West Blair 24th August
Grade C Blair 24th August
Indoor Open Morris Oct/Nov tbc
Puissance SHOYS 28th Sept
Young Riders Morris Oct/Nov tbc
Ladies & Gents Extravaganza 17th - 19th July
1.10m Amateur Extravaganza 17th - 19th July
1.20 Open Dumfries 3rd August
Veterans Muirmill 19/21st April