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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Horses & Ponies FAQs

Can you register a pony as a horse?

Yes, because a horse has no height restrictions. The pony's current winnings will not change, but the grade will be converted to the equivalent horse grade (eg, if the pony has winnings between £0 - £999 it will be a Grade C, between £1000 - £999 it will be a Grade B and winnings over £2000 it will be a Grade A

Note: should the pony be already registered, change to a horse grade can only be actioned at the annual registration renewal or on change of ownership

What if my horse/pony has lots of previous winnings and i want to jump in a smaller novice class?
This is what our Amateur series is designed for. The Amateur classes allow experienced horses and ponies to compete in smaller classes and start at 90cms.
If a pony (148cms or smaller) has been registered as a horse can it be registered back as a pony?

Yes, however the request must be sent to the British Showjumping office in writing and must be accompanied by a valid up to date JMB measurement stating that the animal is148cms or below.

Note: change to a pony grade can only be actioned at the annual registration renewal or on change of ownership

When does a pony need a JMB measurement?

Once a pony has Actual winnings of £50 a JMB measurement will be requested. All JMBs expire on the 31st December each year so a request for a current JMB will be made on the 1st January for any eligible ponies. 

Why does a pony need a JMB measurement?

We provide competitions for 128cm, 138cm and 148cm ponies and we need to ensure that ponies compete in the correct height category.

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How do I get a JMB measurement?

You can visit The Joint Measurement Board website @ to identify your nearest measurement vet or contact them on 01293 862101. It should be noted that the same vet cannot be used for consecutive measurements.

Can the pony be measured with shoes on?

No, the pony must have had all shoes removed.

What happens after the measurement has been done?

The vet will send the relevant details to the JMB, who will confirm the height TO THE OWNER, NOT TO BRITISH SHOWJUMPING. It is then the responsibility of the owner to forward this on to the British Showjumping offices when it is requested. 

What if the pony has only just been shod and I can’t get a measurement done in time?

Book a date for which the pony can next have the shoes removed and on which a measurement can be done. As long as the date is booked in the near future (within weeks) contact the British Showjumping office with this date, which can then be entered onto the pony's record and 28 days can be given from your booked date.

How do i go about downgrading my horse to reduce its points?

Once a horse has achieved British Showjumping points, placings, double clears or qualifications these are retained on the horses record indefinitely. Unfortunatley we cannot downgrade any horse or pony.

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Why has my (foreign) horse gone on with winnings when I’ve never jumped?

If you have not provided a copy of your horse / ponies record we will temporarily grade the horse / pony with winnings according to its age when it was imported. Once the record has been received in the office,  the horse's winnings will be graded to reflect its experience and winnings abroad, if no winnings are confirmed then the horse/pony can have all its winnings removed.

 If a horse has any Irish points we convert each point gained at 1.20m and above by 9 points and anything things less than 1.20m by 3 points, and for a pony each Irish point is converted to 3.5 points

What if I’ve had a foreign horse since it was unbroken/young?

If you can provide import papers or proof of vaccinations given to the horse in the UK then the age of the horse at the earliest of these will be taken into account when initially grading the horse with foreign winnings

How do I find out what foreign winnings my horse has?

We need written confirmation of a horse or ponies winnings or that it doesn’t have any from the National Federation. If a horse has come from:, Belgium, France, Germany or Holland we need confirmation from all four of the federations.

The following contact details can be used to find out what winnings, if any, a foreign horse may have - 

FEI: search the horse/pony name in the database and this will give you any record it has. 

Belgium  email website:

France: Website:  

Germany  email

Netherlands email ;  

These are the most common contacts required, for further contacts please contact the Membership office. It should be noted that the federations will need Passport number, Microchip number (where possible), Sire and Dam, year of birth, country of origin, name on passport as a minimum.

What if I’ve bought a horse that was previously registered?

If a horse has already been registered under a different owner, a request to change the ownership must be made in writing, confirming which horse is to be changed, as well as the new owners name and membership number (who must also be registered). The cost of this is £10 and it entitles you to the remainder of the registration. If the registration has expired it will be the same cost as the renewal fee for that grade of horse/pony.

I’ve got a stallion to register but I don’t know its breeding, can I still register it?

No, stallions have much stricter registration guidelines. Stallions cannot be registered unless original verified breed papers have been sent upon initial registration.

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How do I know if my stallion is graded?
A graded stallion should either have a Grading Certificate, or Grading/Performance Testing stamps in his passport, from the relevant Grading Society. Alternatively there might be confirmation of Approval/Grading on the Breed Society's website.
How do I get my stallion graded?
Stallions should be graded by a Studbook recognized by the World Breeding Federation (WBFSH) and/or Defra, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish and Irish Executives (this does not include all Passport Issuing Offices), which has included jumping in their grading procedures. Stallions must also pass a ridden British Showjumping Assessment.

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