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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Membership FAQs

How do i contact British Showjumping in Guernsey and Jersey?

Guernsey and Jersey have their own websites which can be visited at and  

Can I get placed or win money on a ticket?

No, using a 'Ticket to Ride' no prize money, qualification or placing may be won but shows will usually award rosettes at their discretion.

Are results still recorded when riding on a 'Ticket to Ride;?
No, only results for registered horse and riders are recorded.
When does membership run from/to?

Membership and horse registration begin from when the application form is processed in the office and not the postmark date. It then runs for a full calendar year finishing on the last day of the month

If I’m a member can I get any extra training?

Training is available to all members, of all ages, such as Academies, UKCC, Five Star Performance Award and Pony Camps. We also offer the UK Coaching Certificate qualification. All details are available under the 'Training' section of the website, alternatively you can contact Rebecca Turner on  or telephone 02476 698828 for more information

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What classes are Junior members, riding a horse eligible to compete in?

Any registered horse is eligible for the classes, according to their points. 

Anyone from the begining of the calendar year in which they turn 12 years-old can compete on a horse and are eligible for the same classes as the horse, unless specifically stated otherwise in the schedule.

What is an Associate member?

An associate member is for anyone from the beginning of the year in which they reach 17 until the end of the year in which they reach 18. They are only eligible to compete registered horses in senior classes and can register horses or ponies in their ownership. Members still need to produce a copy of their birth certificate upon initial registration.

Do I have to join as well if my son/daughter wants to join?

If a member is 16yrs or under they require a parent or official guardian to join along with them, as a Non Jumping member.

Can a parent/guardian sign the form on the junior behalf?

Yes, the form can be signed by the payee, parent or guardian, on behalf of the member.

Do I have to be registered too, to jump a horse?

Unless a ticket to ride has been paid for on the day of competition, both horse and rider must be currently registered. If the horse has a different owner from the rider, they must also be currently registered.

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Can I do a change of ownership over the phone?

No, a request including all details and the relevant forms must be sent to the office in writing, along with payment details you can also request a change of ownership via membership on-line.

Can I join online?

Yes you can, If you go to membership online  you can join as a web supporter and then upgrade to a National member, we would also then a copy of any documentation (ie birth certificates, horses passports).

Can I join over the phone?

No, a request including all details and the relevant forms must either be sent to the office in writing, along with payment details or you can register online.

Can I register my new horse over the phone?

No, a request including all details and the relevant forms must be sent to the office in writing, along with payment details or you can register online.

What documents do I need to send to register a new horse?

When registering a new horse  you need to send us or upload documentation for identification purposes. This must include any breeding and more importantly a sketch markings page that has been SIGNED AND STAMPED ON THE PAGE by a vet. This can be in the form of a passport, vetting certificate, JMB certificate etc. It is also a MANDATORY requirement that the horse / pony is microchipped 

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Can I do age classes if I don’t know my horses sire?
No, a horse is only eligible for age classes if British Showjumping has seen and accepted verified breed documents and age documents.
I’ve just registered a new horse but the registration card expires in 28 days?

If we have not received acceptable identification for any new registrations we issue a 28 day temporary registration card. Within the 28 day period given we must receive acceptable, copies or original identification for the horse. Once this has been received we can issue a 12 month card, from the date of registration.

My passport has been stamped by British Showjumping but sent back to me and not accepted?

Any documentation that we receive is photocopied and filed and also identified as being seen by us, by having a British Showjumping stamp embossed in an appropriate place in the passport. The passport may not be acceptable for identification , reasons for this  could be it is missing a vet stamp / markings but we still emboss the document.

If I pay by direct debit does it come out of my bank monthly?
No, direct debits are paid in full, as with other payment methods, but once set up work can be completed on the account without payment being sent in.
If I’m set up on direct debit do I have to remember to renew or it is done automatically?
Yes, the membership is renewed automatically once the direct debit has been set up. Any membership linked to that account will be renewed without confirmation being required. Horse renewals are renewed automatically if a consent form has been completed.
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How do I know when my membership or horse is due for renewal?
A reminder for any membership or registration that is due to expire is sent to the owner/member 3 weeks before the expiry date. Because of address changes and any postal problems we state the expiry date on your membership and registration cards so you are aware of this date, even if the renewal does not reach you in the post.
What is a 'Ticket to Ride'?

A Ticket to Ride allows an unregistered horse/ rider or both to compete in affiliated competitions without paying a subscription. A small charge over and above the normal entry fee is charged per class and an unlimited amount can be used each year. Stallions are not eligible to compete on a ticket.

How do I get hold of a Ticket to Ride?
To jump on a ticket you simply arrive and enter at your show as usual and state clearly that you are riding on a ticket, you can then purchase your ticket when you enter.

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