Para News and Updates

With continued support shown for the development and inclusion of Para Jumping competition and the successful delivery of the newly established Para Jumping League in 2017, British Showjumping are pleased to confirm the continuation of the Para Jumping League for 2019 with even more venues and shows. This League allows registered Para riders to compete within specific Graded categories of either I (70cm), I Junior (60cm), II (80cm), II Junior (70cm), III (90cm), III Junior (80cm), IV (70cm) or IV Junior (60cm).

All Para classes are judged under Club rules but are open to both Club and National registered Para riders.  A rider may only compete in their graded height unless they formally request approval in writing to British Showjumping that they wish to jump up a grade; should a rider request to jump up a grade they must continue to do so for all Para competitions outlined for the remainder of the league period.

Selected show venues have already started committing themselves to the inclusion and development of Para Jumping with most regions having booked British Showjumping – Para classes in their competition calendar for 2019.

Para classes & opportunities fo 2019 will be announced shortly!


A league table underpins each of the Graded categories with an objective of being awarded Graded winner at the end of each league period.  Points will be allocated to the British Showjumping Para Jumping horse/rider combination league at Para competitions held from April 1st- 31st August 2018.


1st = 12, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 8, 4th = 6, 5th = 4, 6th = 3.
Double Clear Points = 3

Championship Shows including RDA and British Showjumping will be awarded double points.

League winners for all grades will be acknowledged during the League Presentation Ceremony at the British Showjumping Awards Ball in October.

For further information on Para Jumping opportunities please contact the British Showjumping Para Coordinator Laura Rolph (