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Thursday, February 23, 2017

What We Do

British Showjumping is the governing body of Showjumping in Great Britain, formulating the rules and codes of practice under which all affiliated competitions are held. Our purpose is to improve and maintain standards of showjumping, while encouraging members of all standards and at all levels to enjoy fair competition over safe and attractive courses. 

British Showjumping has classes to cater for all levels of ability whether you simply want to compete occasionally at weekends over a 70cm course or aim eventually, for top class competitions at the Royal International Horse Show, Horse of the Year Show or Olympia. 

We manage more than 4,200 shows each year providing in excess of 4,350 days of showjumping for members riding registered horses and ponies. These shows are run according to British Showjumping rules with at least two judges for each competition being members of the British Showjumping List of Officials. Courses are designed and built by approved course designers ensuring well run, enjoyable entertainment for competitors, families, owners and spectators. Showjumping is a sport that reaches millions of people through television and the media, the large county shows and the participation, either directly or indirectly, of a wide range of individuals competing on horses of varying ability. 

It is a sport enjoyed by the horse enthusiast, the professional, and those who have never been on or near a horse in their lives. The appeal is wide and far reaching. Competitors of all ages and of varying abilities now compete in competitions all over the country.

Typically, there are approximately 4,500 shows held per year with over 400,000 starters and with prize money in excess of £3million.

Through the types of classes run by British Showjumping, we actively encourage potential competitors to try their hand at showjumping. It is a common myth that you have to be of great ability to even start in affiliated classes. We aim to give experience of jumping under our rules over well built fences at efficient shows. However, should you wish, once you have gained confidence to progress with your showjumping, there are structured levels of classes through which you may advance. It is important to remember that this is a sport open to all!


Judges and Course Designers, all of a minimum age of 18, are appointed by British Showjumping with their names published in the British Showjumping List of Officials. Appointments are renewable each year in accordance with the Members Handbook.

Further information about becoming and progressing as a British Showjumping Judge or Course Designer can be obtained by following the link below.

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