Step up to Gold

Step up to Gold 2019/2020 Programme




Sport England funded programme 



Aimed at progressing and establishing riders at 1.40m-1.50m Gold League Level. 

The programme will consist of:

  • National and regional training days with Matt Lanni and a your home coach. 
  • Strength and Condition coaches working individually with riders to develop a training programme
  • Sport Science support including horse physio, saddle experts, veterinary talks, anti-doping talks and travelling abroad workshops.  
  • Coach and organisational support at a national show abroad and an international show in the UK
  • Funding will cover training fees, sport science support, strength and condition coaches and some other associated costs such as entry fees and stabling. 

The riders home coaches are incorporated with the national training to allow consistency at training and shows. The riders are selected for a 1 year period.




  • Not to be established at 1.50m+
  • Minimum performance results at 1.30m
  • A current British Showjumping member
  • Not to be currently involved in any other government funded programme e.g. DISE
  • Not to have jumped on any Senior British Teams 
  • Reside in England
  • Must fully commit to the programme and endeavour to be present at all training and show dates

Maximum selected



Programme Personnel    

Anna Garside – Programme Manager

Matt Lanni - Head Coach

Riders 2018/2019

Abbie Taylor

Amanda Lysaght

Beth Vernon

Charlotte Horne

Dani Stapleton

Danielle Farnsworth

Libby Newman

Olivia Howe

Selection Process

How to apply

Attend one of the four regional training and selection days through October. Complete an application form once applications open, if you are eligible your place at one of the sessions will be confirmed. From here the final 8 riders will be selected.  

Applications now open for the 2019-2020 programme: Application form
Closing date: Monday 23rd september 2019

019/2020 Training and Selection Days:

  • Monday 7th October-Wellington Riding
  • Monday 14th October-Onley Grounds Equestrian 
  • Tuesday 15th October-Richmond Equestrian Centre