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Monday, January 22, 2018


British Showjumping is a DEFRA approved Passport Issuing Agency (PIO). The European Union requires all equines to have a passport as a means of safeguarding the food chain. Passports are mandatory for all members of the horse family i.e. horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and zebras.

NEW PASSPORT REGULATIONS: Due to the new Horse Passport (England) Regulations 2009 all passport applications for a British Showjumping passport, made after 30th June 2009, will require the horse to have a microchip implanted when first identified. This electronic microchip must be implanted by a qualified veterinary surgeon. From 1st July all applications for a British Showjumping Passport must be accompanied by an identity sketch and description completed by a qualified veterinary surgeon, showing the site of the implant and the number of the microchip. An identity sketch completed by a British Showjumping Panellist will no longer be acceptable for a passport.

Each equine must have a passport with its own Universal Equine Life Number (UELN). An Identity Sketch (showing the microchip number), pages for ownership, vaccination records, medicine administration, and importantly, a Section IX, i.e. a declaration whether or not that equine will be sent to slaughter for human consumption. Equines must be registered under their respective owner’s name and address. Owners of equines without passports risk being fined by Trading Standards.

It is illegal for equines to have more than one passport. If your horse already holds UK breed papers/passport with an existing UELN number, then this paper/passport must be returned to its issuing body for a passport, or the insertion of the Section IX pages if they are not already present. If your horse has a foreign passport with a UELN, then this can be sent to British Showjumping (as a PIO) for the insertion of Section IX. Horses with foreign breed papers not contained in a passport can be issued with an UK passport and cross-referenced to their original UELN number.

The cost for British Showjumping members registering their own horses/ponies is £15.00 (inc. VAT) per passport. Applications for 10 passports or more reduces to £10.00 per passport. For non British Showjumping members the cost is £27.00 (inc. VAT) per passport. For yards/livery stables making an application for 10 passports or more, this price will be reduced to £20.00 per passport. Pony Club members can apply for passports at £16.00 each. Passports will only be returned by special delivery, at an extra cost of £8.20 for up to 5 passports.

British Showjumping passports are identity passports and not a breeding document. They must be returned to the British Showjumping offices for all changes of address/ownership, or if the equine is deceased

Click here to view more information  pdf
Click here to download "Passport Application Form"  pdf
Click here to download "Information Required Form"  pdf
Click here to download "ID sketch & Description Page" pdf
Click here to download "Instructions for Identity Sketch" pdf
Click here to download "Change of Ownership/Address Form"  pdf
Click here to download "Data Protection" pdf

For further information please contact the Passport Department at British Showjumping, Tel: 02476 698800. email:

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