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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Date Venue
 13/07-16/07/2017 Ireland (Cavan) Schedule 
28/07-01/08/2017 Wales (Wales & West)
20/07-23/07/2017 Scotland (SNEC)
25/10-29/10/2017 England (South View)

Home Pony (H.P.) competitions are for children aged 16 years and under riding ponies.  There are Team competitions for 128cms, 138cms and 148cms ponies, to be ridden by a child of the relevant age for each height category, (please check the rule book for relevant ages). A shortlist of riders are selected for the team at least two weeks before the competition and this is done by the pony/rider's current form at the time. The team of four are selected at the venue from 'warm up' competitions that are confirmed before the show.  

Below is the minimum criteria that combinations at each height are expected to be consistently double clear at:



148cm (16yrs and under)


138cm (14yrs and under)


128cm (12yrs and under)


Debut (16yrs and under)


Competitions are held in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with Teams from each home country.  

Notification of entries are needed ONLY for the Ireland venue from English, Welsh, and Scottish riders. Please send an email to with the riders name, pony name, BS number and contact details. The teams will be organised at the show and can be made up of riders from any home country so for this year will not be a recognised home country team event. 

The only pony riders eligible for the Debut Teams at the English HP Southview are the following:
Those who have;

  1. Never competed on a HP 148cm Team (English Teams)
  2. Combination never to have competed on a HP 148cm Team (Scottish and Welsh Teams) 
  3. Never competed on an International Great Britain Pony Team.
  4. Never competed in a Junior Showjumper of the Year First Round.
  5. Never competed in a John Whitaker Winter Classic First Round.

ALL riders and ponies authorised to compete at the Irish Home Pony will need to become members of Show Jumping Ireland, ALL ponies now need to carry a micro-chip and ALL riders must hold their Pony 5 Star part 1 and 2 including the Home Pony additional units.  For more information please click here.


For any Scottish Pony rider that wishes to apply for the 2017 Home Pony team’s please email Marjory with the Rider name, Pony name, Competition results and contact details to:

Marjory McNaughton:

For any Welsh Pony rider that wishes to apply for the 2017 Home Pony team’s please email Candice with the Rider name, Pony name, Competition results and contact details to:

Candice Willians:                                          


Please click here to download Home Pony Code of Conduct. This will need to be signed and returned to your relevant Chef D'Equipe.

Chef D'Equipe's:

England: Eleni Murphy, please send code of conducts to

Scotland: Marjory McNaughton

Wales: Candice Williams 

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