Course Designer

Course Designers

  • Course Designers are British Showjumping trained officials responsible for the designing and building of courses at affiliated competitions. 
  • Courses for all classes are carefully designed by the Course Designers, with fence heights starting from 70cm rising through to 1.60m. 
  • The course plans for these courses, including heights and spreads of fences, are then displayed by the Course Designers in the Collecting Ring for all competitors, officials and spectators to see as a useful guide. 
  • Courses are designed in such a way that they are encouraging, inviting, flowing and attractive for all involved.
  • Due to the nature of the role, a training programme has been designed to help support and develop Course Designers through their career, ensuring they gain enough knowledge and experience building at relevant competitions prior to upgrading. 
  • Course Designers can progress through from Level 1 Course Designer, all the way to Level 5 if they meet the necessary criteria and competencies. 
  • Progression onto the FEI International lists is approved by British Showjumping once the Course Designer has demonstrated all the necessary criteria and competencies.

To become appointed as a Level 1 Course Designer, Trainee Course Designers would need to undertake and complete the following training pathway:

  • Trainee to Level 1
    • Express an interest with British Showjumping
    • Register as a British Showjumping Non Jumping Official
    • Attend shows assisting British Showjumping Course Designers to gain experience building and designing courses at affiliated events.
    • Obtain 2 Recommendations from Level 5 Course Designers or
    • Once experienced and ready, arrange a Club Course Designers Assessment
    • Successfully pass the Club Course Designers Assessment

If you are interested in becoming a Course Designer, then please contact the Officials Co-ordinator on 02476 698803 or