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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Take the time to look at the following pages for an overview of the British Showjumping Coaching Programme.
Our step-by-step guide starts with the NAF Pony Five Star Awards and Junior Academy scheme and continues with the NAF Horse Five Star Awards up to the high level training we deliver to our top performance riders.
Training – is it ‘old twaddle’?
Some may say training is 'old twaddle', but if you take a close look at modern sporting icons such as Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, Roger Federer, Steve Redgrave,   Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Rodrigo Pessoa, you will find that they have one thing in common – they all have coaches and mentors.
And why do the top people apply so much importance to that extra pair of eyes?
The answer is simply because they want to become the best and stay there. Crucially, they understand that going it alone is simply not an option for them.
We all know that few are born with a God-given talent, but what we all have in common is the desire for improvement, whether it’s jumping a clear round or hitting a golf ball further by utilising a training system under the guidance of an experienced coach helps achieve your goals and desires.
Within these pages we take a look at the British Showjumping Coaching Programme which has been carefully developed to improve performance in the ring and provide all competitors with the opportunity to focus on their training and enjoy the experience.
We all know that our sport is a tough one – slinging a racket and a pair of trainers into a sports bag is not an option. Showjumping takes an awful lot more.
So if you’re dedicated enough to spend time, energy and money on the sport you love then take the time to study the following pages.
We believe you deserve to get the most from your training sessions, regardless of your ability or ambitions, which is why the British Showjumping Coaching Programme has been designed to help all members, from those who have recently affiliated, right up to our Olympic hopefuls. 
By taking advantage of the Coaching Programme all competitors have access to a wealth of training knowledge to train smarter, not just harder.
We all know that success in any equestrian discipline is determined by several factors, including horse power, motivation, skilful instruction, nutrition and tactics of both horse and rider. 
How can training be 'old twaddle' when so many of our role models rely on coaches to spot problems and help solve them.
One thing’s for sure – 'old twaddle' it is not!

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