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Monday, June 18, 2018

General FAQs

How do I become a British Showjumping Coach?

The Accredited coaches qualification has now changed to the UK Coaching Certificate, for more details about the course please click here.

How can I achieve my UK Coaching Certificate?

All candidates have to start at UK Coaching Certificate Level 2, this is a Showjumping Specific course and consists of four workshop days, you have to attend all four workshop days to complete the course and go forward for assessment. 
As part of the course each candidate has to coach four linked sessions between the workshop days, you will show evidence of these sessions throughout the completion of your portfolio which has to be submitted to the awarding body for final certification. 

Once Level 2 has been completed we advise that you continue to coach at this level to gain more experience as a UKCC Coach before coming forward for Level 3. Level 3 is a showjumping specific qualification, and consists of eight workshop days, you have to attend all eight workshop days to complete the course and go forward for assessment. 
For level 3 you are required to be more experienced in coaching at 1.20m. 
An annual portfolio is also required for evidence and knowledge of coaching over the year. 

For more detailed information click here.

How long will it take me to achieve my UK Coaching Certificate Level 2?

Between 4 - 6 Months. This all depends on your compentence on the course. 
There are four workshop days which you have to attend are obver the course of 2 months. Your assessment day is then held 6-8 weeks after your last workshop day. Your portfolio will then gets sent to the awarding body for verification and certification.

Can I start my UK Coaching Certificate at Level 3

No, all candidates have to achieve UK Coaching Certificate  Level 2 qualification whether it be through ourselves or another organisation. 
If you currently have qualifications such as AI you can upgrade to a UKCC Candidate through the BHS. 
For more information please email Stephanie Toogood on


How much does the UK Coaching Certificate cost?

Level 2
EQL Registration Fee  £60
Four consecutive workshop days at £120 per day. 
Assessment day £220 
EQL Certification £20 

Level 3 
EQL Registration Fee £60 
Eight consecutive workshop days at £120 per day 
Assessment day £220
EQL Certification £20

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Where can I complete my Equine Specific First Aid and Child Protections courses for my UK Coaching Certificate
Where is my nearest Accredited / UKCC Level 3 Coach

For your nearest  Level 3 Coach please click here.

What training is available to me?

Training is available to you via your Area Representitive or nearest Academy 
You can also contact any UKCC Level 3 Coach for one to one or small group training sessions. 

Where is my nearest Junior Academy
To locate your nearest Junior Academy and contact your Academy Co-Ordinator click here.
What is the idea of the Junior Academy?

To develop a ‘culture of improvement’, offer progressive, structured coaching. Develop greater understanding across all areas of horsemanship and recognise there is more to it than just riding!

Encourage a camaraderie between the members of the Junior Academy

Increase awareness and positively impact junior membership, retain junior members who subsequently become seniors, develop competitive edge, spot the stars of the future, have fun and create value for the parents as well as the juniors.

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Can I join a Junior Academy?

The Academies are open to all British Showjumpung Pony and Pony Associate Members eligible until December after their 21st birthday.

Non-members can come along to the first three sessions on a pay as you go basis and then must join the British Showjumping to continue.

All standards and experience welcome.  

Is the Junior Academy just about riding?
No, it’s about more than just riding.
Members will be given the chance to develop a greater understanding across all areas of horsemanship. Plans include visits to vets and equine hospitals, practical sessions with personal trainers, talks from sports psychologists as well as demonstrations from equine physiotherapists, equine masseurs, farriers and leading riders.
Will the Junior Academy training help me at shows?

Don’t worry - the Academy will help you get good results in the ring.

 Members of the Academies have achieved great things qualifying for second rounds, British Showjumping Festival, Scope and the Horse of the Year Show. Some represented GB in the Home Pony International teams and posted wins at the Pony of the Year Show.

Log books are available for all Academy members and contain a personal development plan for each rider as well as information on ponies ridden by each individual, their aims and objectives and records of training goals and competition successes.

How can I gain my Five Star Performance Award?

Signing up for the 5* way of training is straight forward and simple. The first step is to seek friendly advice from an accredited / UKCC Level 3 coach who will help you assess the level most appropriate to your current ability.

The awards are progressive so it’s important not to miss out on the foundations. This is why riders are asked to complete the written questions in all awards below the level they are taking.  On enrolment you’ll be issued with your own personal log book. This outlines the standards you need to meet at each level and will help to identify your goals.  Take your log book to each training session and your coach can sign-off the relevant criteria you achieve, monitor your progress and discuss the key areas for long term all-round development. Your log book will act as a record of your own personal journey and turn into a wonderful reference of the growing skills and confidence of you and your horse. 

There is no time limit to work through an award but to achieve the relevant star level you need to have all the criteria signed off as a pass by a BSJA Accredited / UKCC Level 3 Coach.  They will need to see you demonstrate the criteria, question your understanding of the criteria and you should have completed answers to the questions for the star level you are taking.

For more information on 5 star Award please click here.

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