Diploma in Sporting Excellence

Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

A Level 3 programme delivered by British Showjumping and Hartpury College and in partnership with British Dressage and British Eventing. The programme provides riders with opportunities to improve performance via a blended learning programme consisting of central ‘camps’ at Hartpury College and ‘home visits’ from the rider’s assigned mentor/assessor. 

The programme offers a high quality training environment, access to modern, well-equipped facilities and the benefits of conditioning experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and mentors. Our talented coaches – who have a vast amount of competitive experience at the highest level – will encourage, nurture and support you through your elite development through the perfect scheme for aspiring riders.

The programme reflects the broad range of skills, knowledge and performance required by elite level sports people. It measures the rider’s ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of their sport. It also addresses wider issues such as nutrition, lifestyle, career development, communication, and health and safety.

Additionally, riders will consider four equine-specific units: horse training programmes, horse nutrition, horse health and wellbeing, and competition performance.

The programme consists of an induction day and five central camps at Hartpury which must be attended

Induction:              Friday 30th August 2019
Camp 1:                Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Camp 2:                Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th February 2020
Camp 3:                Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th April 2020
Camp 4:                Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th October 2020
Camp 5:                Tuesday 16th February 2021

To supplement this time mentors will make regular visits to see students at home in their own training environment, and visits to high-profile yards with access to industry-leading professionals are included. Further dates for industry-leading visits will be communicated to those who are successful at the earliest opportunity.

What is the Award in Sporting Excellence?

A Level 3 qualification designed for riders who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence and are seeking to perform at the highest level. It covers all aspects of training and sports performance support to enable riders to push themselves to the next level.

The award is notionally a two year programme for riders in their first year of FE studies (Year 12) who are also studying other academic qualifications at a school or college, such as A Levels/BTEC's. The DiSE progamme can not be combined with an apprenticeship.  As a Level 3 qualification, the Diploma attracts 64 UCAS tariff points upon successful completion, which is the equivalent of 2 x A Levels at 'C' Grade.


Riders must have 5 GCSE grades at 4 or above (equivlant), and be continuing in education at school or college. This is a minimum requirement to be considered for selection. You must also be resident in England and meet the sporting requirements below:

These results must have been achieved since 1st Jan 2018.
  • 4 years; 90cm/ 1.00m - 4 double clears – minimum 1 double clear must be at 1.00m table A7.
  • 5 years; 1.00m / 1.10m 4 double clears – minimum 1 double clear must be at 1.10m table A7.
  • 6 years; 1.10m / 1.20m 4 double clears – minimum 1 double clear must be at 1.20m table A7.
  • 7 years; 1.20m / 1.30m 2 double clears – if no double clear at 1.30m must have 4 double clears at 1.20m table A7.
  • 8 years and above; 1.30m 4 double clears
Applications will be accepted from riders who are in their 16th year riding ponies, and have achieved a minimum 4 double clears 1.10m, one of which must have been Table A7 on their ponies. They must however, have moved onto horses and be riding horses for the duration of the programme.
Please be aware combinations achieving double clears at the biggest height per age category will be given priority selection.

Selected Candidates 2019/20
Alice Weightman
Amelia Brennan-Vaccaro
Georgia Barnard
Katie Toulson-Clarke
Sasha Woodhouse
Talia Da Prato
Zoe Lindley-Smith

How to apply

Applications are now closed for this years intake.  

For further information please contact the sport team at sportteam@britishshowjumping.co.uk