Just for Schools Membership

Please find below an overview of the British Showjumping 'Just for Schools' Team and Individual League and Championships. 

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The 'Just for Schools' League and Championship is run in conjunction with The Pony Club and British Riding Clubs and the qualifying period runs from the 1st July through to the 30th June each year. 

Schools/Colleges can submit individuals and/or teams of three or four riders within a specific height category of 60cm, 70 cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1.00m and 1.10m at 'Just for Schools' competitions.

Each competition will generate points for the teams and individuals that go towards the national Schools League for each height. These leagues then provide the platform to qualify for the Championships and the League Winners Training Camp:

There is an annual League Winners Training Camp where winners of each team league and top 2 combinations of each individual league will qualify for the training camp funded by The Worshipful Saddlers Company. 

The National Final at the British Showjumping National Championships at Stoneleigh Park in August where the top 8 teams and 10 individuals from each height league qualify, along with the winning team and top three individuals from the direct qualifiers that are ran across the country.

For a School/College team to join it is just £30 for the year per team for three or four members, these members can be interchanged throughout the year as long as the new combination are registered with within 7 days of the competition. 

If a School has individuals that want to compete they can and if they are members of either The Pony Club, British Riding Clubs or British Showjumping they do not need to pay another registration fee, if they are not a member of these then there is a Club Membership for £30 for the year for the horse/pony and rider combination.

You can easily process the Just for Schools memberships via your Members Online account under Club/Just for Schools. If you need help to join/renew please see our step by step guide

If you're already a member, team administrator or if you are new you can join and manage teams online by clicking here 

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