Import Winnings

How do I find out what foreign winnings my horse has?

We need written confirmation of a horse or ponies winnings or that it doesn’t have any from the National Federation. If a horse has come from:, Belgium, France, Germany or Holland we need confirmation from all four of the federations.

The following contact details can be used to find out what winnings, if any, a foreign horse may have - 

FEI: search the horse/pony name in the database and this will give you any record it has. 

Belgium - email: 

France - website:  

Germany - email:

Netherlands - email:

These are the most common contacts required.

For any others you can find the Federation contact details by clicking below:

FEI Federation contacts

It should be noted that the Federations will need Passport number, Microchip number (where possible), Sire and Dam, year of birth, country of origin, name on passport as a minimum.


Why your (foreign) horse has been initially registered with points.

If you have not provided a copy of your horse / ponies record we will temporarily grade the horse / pony with winnings according to its age when it was imported. Once the record has been received in the office,  the horse's winnings will be graded to reflect its experience and winnings abroad, if no winnings are confirmed then the horse/pony can have all its winnings removed.

How points are converted can be found in your British Showjumping Handbook.