Product Cost (£)
FEI Horse Passport/Revalidation/Cover (5 working days) 207
FEI Pony Passport/Revalidation/Cover (5 working days). 80
FEI Duplicate Passport    70
FEI Passport Change of Ownership  20
National Passport Change of Ownership (EU only)  5
International Rider Fee Inc. FEI Rider Registration 210
FEI Horse Registration  42.50
Change of Name/Commercial Prefix/Suffix 1100
FEI Name Shortening or Non Commercial Change 250
FEI Rider Registration UK Event 30
FEI Passport Express*    50
FEI Passport Same Day Express** 100

† Fees illustrated apply to each of the FEI products listed above which are requested electronically via 'Members Online'.
Any FEI products processed manually via the office will be subject to an additional £10 fee.

*to be paid if you need your passport turned around within 2 working days. Please call beforehand to confirm this can be completed on time.

**to be paid for urgent passports only. This is a same day service that will be done on the day by coming into the office, can be done by appointment only. If you have not booked you will be turned away.
(£100/booking. Maximum 2 passports/booking) 
Please click here to view availability

To book an available slot please contact Performance: 02476698829 / performance@britishshowjumping.co.uk


The following fees apply to all combinations competing on a Home Pony team:

Product Cost (£)
Irish Home Pony (Cavan):  50
Welsh, Scottish & English Home Pony: 30
per team appearence  

Payment may be made by VISA, DEBIT, ACCESS or MASTERCARD via your members online account or by calling 02476698824.  Please do NOT send credit card payments via internet/email