Purpose of classification – An attempt to ensure fair competition. Riders compete in the grade appropriate to their classification profling. Please click here for classification profiling and jumping grade details on the provisonally outlined Para Points League. Any rider may ride in a higher grade if they wish.

A rider who is medically diagnosed as having a permanent impairment that can be measured objectively. There are 2 types of Classification - National (BEF) and International (FEI IPC ID cards)

FEI classification is available but not mandatory for British Showjumping membership. However, an FEI IPC ID card will always carry more weight than any National Classification. You will need to contact Sport Team at the main British Showjumping office to arrange an International Classification or 02476 698812.

FEI Para Equestrian Classification Manual

NATIONAL - For classification from the BEF please contact:

Felicty Towers - Classification coordinator at the BEF

T +44 (0) 2476 698871  I E

National Classification Process - What to expect

National Classification Registration Form

Please note that currently both the National and International Equestrian Classification systems refer to Dressage and Carriage Driving Athlete Evaluation forms only; once your Profile number has been attained using a Dressage athlete evaluation, British Showjumping can then advise as to which Showjumping grade you convert and fall within.

British Showjumping is currently working towards creating a ‘Showjumping Evaluation form’ and endeavor to deliver on a National Scale as soon as viably possible.