Day Tickets to Ride

Purchasing or Renewing Membership, Day Tickets and Academy or Training Sessions as a Non-Member

To transact with British Showjumping you will firstly need to open an account with us unless you are already a current member in which case you will just login to Members Online.  To open your account with us for the first time please click here

Once you have taken this out by following the prompts you can then either purchase a full competing membership package or alternatively you can purchase a Day Ticket to Ride which will allow you to ride a non-registered horse or pony non-competitively at an affiliated show or book your place at an Academy Training sessions. 

Each Day Ticket to Ride is applicable to only one horse/rider combination per day and will allow for either a registered or non-registered rider to compete the non-registered horse or pony for the day.

In addition to purchasing Day Tickets, once you have an account with us you can also purchase a full competing membership or book your place on an Academy Training session session.

Purchasing any items through your On-Line Account is very easy and straightforward.  You just select the item that you wish to purchase from the drop down menu and then follow the prompts.

Day Tickets to Ride
When purchasing Day Tickets to Ride it is important that all details are filled in.  A log of the ticket numbers purchased and subsequently used will be illustrated within your online account and a copy of the tickets will be sent to the email address that we hold on account for you. 

Tickets can be purchased either singularly or in multiple numbers and a log of who they were used for and where they were redeemed will show within your account history.  Tickets have a twelve month life-span and further information regarding their use and the allocation of tickets held on your account is readily available at the purchase stage of the transaction.

Online Account holders can purchase tickets for others to ride on, for example those who are perhaps purchasing tickets for their stable jockey or son/daughter to ride,  however the rider details must be completed on the ticket prior to it being redeemed.

Please note that it is a requirement that Account Holders must be aged 17 years or above to hold a transactional account online with British Showjumping.