Retraining Of Racehorses Club League 2023-2024

The Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Club League Championship will take place at the British Showjumping National Championships, National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre (NAEC), Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

The RoR Club League is made up of all the identified retrained racehorses which appear on the Regional Club Leagues which run between 1st July - 30th June. This RoR League will be used to identify the top thirty horse/rider with Club League points that are eligible to receive an invitation to compete in the Championship class with its first round height of 0.85m rising to 0.90m in the jump off. To be eligible for qualification to the Final riders must be at least 15 years old on the 1 January of that year.

This series is open to any former racehorse, registered with RoR, including unraced, GB raced and foreign raced horses. 

Updated daily, the points will be accrued as follows across all five heights of Club class (0.60m, 0.70m, 0.80m, 0.90m and 1.00m):

1st = 12, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 8, 4th = 6, 5th = 4, 6th = 3.
Double Clear Points = 3.

To find out more about our Club membership, click here.  



Place Points Rider name Horse name
1 107 Rhi Lewis HEAD HUNTER
2 54 Stella Bunn EVRON
3 48 Sophie Spiteri CAROLINE'S CHARM
4 42 Caitlin Wornham ANDRE AMAR
5 40 Annabel Mccourt WENCESLAUS
6 39 Rachel Collins REBEL COLLINS
7 38 Hannah Jane Oldham DJANGO DJANGO
9 31 Rhi Lewis DESPEARADO V
10= 30 Deni Harper-Adams BE HOME BY MIDNIGHT
10= 30 Milly Morrison DAVIDS DELILA DANCES
12= 27 Paige Howarth CHEVIOT RED
12= 27 Sophie Spiteri IRISH ODYSSEY
14= 24 Georgina Langley SILVERGLAS
14= 24 Gina Matthews THE DEVON DUMPLING
14= 24 Amberley Valentine PRETTY LITTLE THING
17 15 Beth Kerslake SEMPER INVICTA
18 12 Amy Mayor PEARL CATCHER
19 10 Stacey Thompson JOEY BOY (IRE)
20 3 Sophie Spiteri AGENT SAONOIS