Gold 138 Pony/Rider Combination League Spring / Summer 2020

There are three Gold Pony/Rider Combination Leagues, namely 128cms, 138cms and 148cms. The league in which you and your pony accrue points is determined by the registered height of your pony and whether you have winnings or double clears gained in the applicable Gold League classes.

The Pony League Points Tables which illustrate how points are allocated to 128cm, 138cm and 148cm ponies can be found in the Members Handbook here

The league periods are as follows:

- 1st April - 30th September
- 1st October - 31st March



1st April 2020 - 30th September 2020
Place Points Rider name Horse name
1= 45 Eve McCoy MISTY BAY II
1= 45 Isabelle Doyle BOBBY SOX
4 33 Olivia Sponer TOP SILVIO HASTAK
5 27 Ruby Barrs QUEST DU BUHOT
6 24 Poppy Deakin ASTRAL RUBEN
7= 15 Chloe Spencer RIVER DE LA COURANCE
7= 15 Crystal Louise White SCHIERENSEES CYPRESS HILL
7= 15 Olivia Sponer INDIEN LEGACY
7= 15 Poppy Deakin ICARIS W