Competition Eligibility

All affiliated competitions must be overseen and officiated at by Officials listed with British Showjumping.  A guide of what level of Official is required for specific competitions can be seen by clicking here.

Specific Rules for Course Designers and Judges are listed below: - 


  • At affiliated Club Shows, at least one registered Judge of any level must adjudicate.
  • Unless special permission has been obtained from British Showjumping, in every competition held at an affiliated National Show, at least two registered Judges must adjudicate.  One of these two judges may be a Level 1 Judge, however the other judge must be a Level 2 or above Judge.
  • The show organising committee shall nominate one Level 2 or above Judge to act as Chairman of the Judges for the duration of the show.  The duties of the Chairman of the Judges are to assist and advise the show organising committee on all aspects of Showjumping.
  • At least one Level 3 Judge is required to judge the following competitions: -
    • Classes of £1000 or over First Prize
    • Second Round Classes which qualify for HOYS or RIHS
    • Direct Qualifier Classes which qualify for HOYS or RIHS
    • National Finals organised by British Showjumping
  • Water Jumps
    • If a water jump is included in the course, a registered Judge of any level must be appointed to judge this obstacle.
    • In a class that requires a Level 3 Judge, if a water jump is used, a Level 2 or Level 3 Judge must officiate at this obstacle.
  • Timing
    • The Timekeeper operating the automatic timing equipment must be registered with British Showjumping as a Judge or Timekeeper.
    • In a class that requires a Level 3 Judge, either a Timekeeper, Level 2 or Level 3 Judge must operate the timing equipment.
    • British Showjumping reserves the right to appoint a nominated Judge to a show at their discretion.  The judges’ expenses are to be reimbursed by British Showjumping.
    • Judges are responsible for returning completed results via the Judging App within 48 hours or by sending judging sheets, results & start lists to the British Showjumping offices within 7 days from the end of the show.

Course Designers

A listed Course Designer must be employed for all affiliated competitions (Rule 34.5)

  • Course Designers are not allowed to ride in a competition for which they have designed the course.
  • The Course Designer is responsible for designing the course, supervising the building of the obstacles (including the practice obstacles) and measuring the course.  When the course is ready in all respects he/she must report to the Judge.
  • It is the responsibility of the Judge to inspect the obstacles and to satisfy himself/herself that the course is in accordance with the conditions of the competitions and has been correctly measured.  The Judges has the sole responsibility for the conduct of the competition and may direct the Course Designer to make any alterations to the course which he/she considers necessary.