Members Council

Members Council

Linda Lucey (Scotland)
Andrew Pollard (Northern)
Diane Evans (Wales) 
Julia Biddle (East)
Angelica Logan (South East)
Penny Harvey (South West)

Claire Leitch (Scotland)
Christina Foley (Northern)
Matthew Broome (Wales)
Mia Palles-Clark (East)
Claire Read (South East)
Paul Urch (South West)

Show Organisers
Sarah Hamilton (Scotland)
Tina Walker (Northern)
Leah Sweet (Wales)
Stuart Reeve-Young (East)
Lauren Fogg (East Midlands)
Jane Gregory (South West)

Other Members
Alison Bradford (Scotland)
Natasha Andrews (Northern)
Danielle Elliot (East Midlands)
Hannah Jackson (West Midlands)
Caroline Connor (South East)
Jayne Smart (South West)

If you are a current British Showjumping member and would like to apply to fill one of the vacancies above on our Members Council, please send an email with your membership number to

Date of next meeting:
Wednesday, 31 January 2024